Application case

As China excellent brand in the aspect of welding robots, cano's produced on the early stage of the welding robot based on arc welding robot controller control advantages, in the welding of various kinds of applications are all doing well, by the good quality products and services, and the application of diversified configuration, to meet customer requirements for robot's high speed high quality expectations.


Chengdu canop automation and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (canop for short) is a national high-tech enterprise, double soft certification enterprise, the main drafter of three national standards of industrial robot controller, electrical system and servo system, and one of the 100 key cultivation enterprises of Chengdu new economy ("double 100 projects).
corporate culture

Let the customer use therobot well


To the actual needs of customers as the core


Meticulous, convenient, do conform to the domestic system


Understand the development of the whole industry

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