Machine tool loading and unloading application

Technical features

1. High efficiency, fast pace, reduce the manual labor intensity and meet the needs of mass production;
2. The quality is stable, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.08mm;
3. Strong flexibility, movement and trajectory can be adjusted arbitrarily as required; the product can be switched by replacing the gripper and the material tray.
4. Strong versatility, suitable for loading and unloading applications such as various lathes, milling machines, and punching machines.
5. Modular wiring unit, convenient and simple wiring, only one communication line is required to connect each machine tool. Fixed general interface definition, easy to use and make maintenance (under development).

Application fields:

CNC machine tool milling, stamping, forging, die-casting, pouring, injection molding, assembly, handling, marking, polishing, etc.


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