Stainless Steel Products Welding Application

Technology Features:

The robot moves smoothly, the end speed is consistent with the set welding speed, the welding is stable, and the shape is good;

l The robot and the welding machine realize full digital communication control, so that the best welding efficiency and welding effect can be exerted;                                                              

l The robot and the welder communicate with each other through all-digital communication, which is fast and stable;     

l  Single/double pulse welder, achieves low spatter welding in the full current range; less spatter, reducing the amount of grinding; with short arc pulse technology, faster welding speed; with high-frequency pulse energy control, deeper penetration, low heat input,  fish scales are more beautiful; with smooth short-circuit transition technology, uniform welding bead and beautiful shape;                                                                           

l Wire feed with encoder feedback is more stable and anti-interference is strong;                                           

l ungradable expert database;                                   

l Built-in positioning function;                                       

l The pulse welding torch generates a large amount of heat, and it needs to be equipped with a water-cooled gun when welding large currents. The 500A water-cooled hollow welding gun is equipped to support long-term high-current welding                  

Application Range:           

l 1.2mm-4mm stainless steel welding (air cooling gun)                                                                   

l 5mm-14mm stainless steel welding (water cooling gun)

Application Field::

Parts of food utensils, kitchen and bathroom, auto parts, gas tanks, electric boxes, medical equipment and other industries



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